13 Juni 2013: Fib images with JavaScript

With the help of emscripten a JavaScript library was created, with which Fib can be used in web pages. In this way Fib RGB images can be embedded on web pages (see HTML include). I have also created a small Fib editor, with which you can create and display Fib RGB image online.
Both can be found in the section Fib examples.

October 18, 2012: The Fib program system now on githib

The Fib system has been uploaded to github (https://github.com/BioKom/Fib).

New version of the program system published. The Fib-language library (4 version) in version V1.2.1. The Fib-database version V1.1.2 (version 4), there are some new objects added including of stick figures. To approximate polynomials now the glpk library is used (fib.algorithms).

August 2012: New Fib program system version released

New version of the program system releases. The Fib-language library is in version V1.2.0 (version 3). The Fib-database version is V1.1.0 (version 2), it contains many of the basic drawing elements for images.

March 2012: New Fib version released

Version V1.1.0 (version number 2) of the Fib multimedia format released.

At the same time a new version of the program system has been published. The Fib language library is also available in version V1.1.0 (version number 2). The program system provides the first time the Fib database, which has version V1.0.0 (version number 1).

Also new, are the Fib elements for reusing of objects (external object "obj" and external subobjects "sub") and the Fib elements for sets of data points (set element "set" and the matrix element "matrix").

March 2011: Compressed storing with Fib

For the converter for converting to Fib a way for compressed storing has been implemented.

A compression by a factor about 10 compared to bitmap images can be achieved with an acceptable quality for some images. These images are mostly drawings.

July 2009: First test runs of the Fib Library

For the newly implemented Fib library for the Fib multimedia language first test runs were conducted.

End of 2008: Conceptual design for Fib Version 1

The first version of the Fib multimedia system has been revised.

The draft of the assignment paper was completely revised. The only thing remaining is the basic structur of the idea.

Now with the Fib multimedia language it is possible to store in any kind of multimedia data.

2004: Fib version 0

First version of the Fib multimedia system.

The idea is the result of a assignment paper (german: "Belegarbeit"). (A "Belegarbeit" is similar to a proof of a thesis, but can also be prepared in the middle of the academic studies.) I have prepared the assignment paper in 2004 as part of my studies at the University of Potsdam in the institute for computer science. The core of the idea was the compression of multimedia data using genetic algorithms. The result of the assignment was a simple prototype for the image data processing, with which the basic feasibility has been demonstrated.