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Textarea with the Fib object:
(Input your Fib object to display here (in the Fib Xml representation) or load an example (see below) and modify it.)
(If you want to export or import Fib objects from local files, please use copy and past.
At the time just 24 bit RGB images are supported.)

Examples to load:

(Beware the examples will overwrite the existing Fib object in the textarea.)
(you can use
as a starting
Load quadrangle
Load crest
3 circles
Load 3 circles
Load 3 circles
stick figure
Load stick figure
Load fractal

Output (for debugging)

Properties you can use

There are some restrictions for the Fib editor above. (The restrictions are a result of the display possibilities and the actual implementation.)
The image will always be displayed in 24 bit RGB images.
Fib objects can use as properties RGB color, gray scale color and transparency. The domains (the useable values) should be always vectors of positive numbers. The value 0 stands for the smallest value (minimum: e. g. no color, no red or opaque), the maximum value of the domain (<domains>) determines the biggest value for the property (e. g. full color, full red or invisible).

Domain examples:

      <property name="colorRGB" >
         <vector elements="3"><!-- RGB color with 8 bit color depth -->
            <naturalNumber max="23" />
            <naturalNumber scalingfactor="0.1" max="1234" />
               <integer min="0" max="100"/>
               <naturalNumberB scalingfactor="0.1" bit="8"/>

      <property name="colorGrayscale" >
         <vector elements="1"><!-- grayscale color with 8 bit color depth -->
            <naturalNumberB bit="9"/>
      <property name="transparency" >
         <vector elements="1"><!-- grayscale color with 8 bit color depth -->
            <naturalNumber max="255" />