For the Fib system a partial implementation in C++ is available, which can be downloaded here.

Fib system

Download: (15 MB)

This file contains the complete Fib system.

The project can also be found on github at:

The Fib implementation consists of the following Fib components:


All Fib language elements are under the GNU Lesser General Public License (GNU LGPL) . In this way, they can be integrated as a library in any other applications.
This is particularly important for viewers / players, so the copyright of the program is independent of the Fib library.

All other components of the Fib system are under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL).

Fib documentation

The main document of the Fib documentary was created in LaTeX.
The English documentation is a short version of the original German documentation. Some parts of the German documentation are skipped in the English version. The English version contains mainly the description of the important theoretical background. The description of the source code, will be in the source code, as doxygen comments.

The English documentation is available in several formats:

The German document is available in several formats:

In the documentation the most important information about the Fib system can be found.

Fib documentation for the implementation

Furthermore, there is a documentation of the implementation generated by Doxygen :


The documentation of the Fib system is under the GNU Free Documentation License (GNU FDL)

Fib converter programs for Windows

Download: (3.8 MB)

An archive of the converter programs in order to convert to, from and between the Fib formats for Windows.

They are demo versions, with which the basic functionality should be shown.

To learn more about how they work, simply call the respective programs without any parameters.