The enterprise Fib development serves as the legal framework for the promotion of the Fib project. It has the character of a research institute, so that not the profit is most important, but the development of the Fib multimedia system.


The Fib multimedia system offers many companies and organizations, that use multimedia data or are based on its use, new market potentials. So that these companies can take better advantage of the benefits resulting from Fib, the central coordination of information, research and development of Fib in one company (Fib development) is advantageous.

Your gain

With the access to information about Fib companies that use Fib, can improve their products and gain a competitive edge.

The accumulation of development and responsibility for Fib in one external company has the following benefits for other companies:

Company philosophy:
For diversity. For knowledge. For people!

It is the basic goal of the company to make peoples life better by using more diversity. Hence the creation of new knowledge is needed, from which the new diversity can emerge.

Fib is a system that builds on diversity. To let people benefit from this this diversity, various methods are used to promote the development and distribution of the Fib system.

How you can help Fib

The main source of income for the company should be project funding, with additional product-related services offered for money.


Investment in Fib development will be for the benefit of the further development and distribution of Fib, so that everyone who uses Fib will gain from it.

If they are interested to invest in the Fib-system in general or in specific Fib-system related projects, we would be happy, if you get in contact with us.

More ways to help

You can also support the development and distribution of Fib through other means.
This can be done for example by:

Fib development: company data

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