Fib system documentation

The main document of the Fib documentary was created in LaTeX.
The English documentation is a short version of the original German documentation. Some parts of the German documentation are skipped in the English version. The English version contains mainly the description of the important theoretical background. The description of the source code, will be in the source code, as doxygen comments.

The English documentation is available in several formats:

The German document is available in several formats:

In the documentation the most important information about the Fib system can be found.

Structure of the documentation

The structure of the documentation is based on the project structure.
The project is structured hierarchically and divided into two major components. The components are the Fib multimedia description language and the genetic algorithm to produce good Fib encodings of multimedia objects.
The project, including each of the components, is build hierarchically. Whereupon the higher levels are build on the lower levels, while each higher level is more detailed. The documentation includes just the lowest levels.

Of these, the following levels will be found in the above mentioned documentation:

More levels, which can be found in the source code, are:

Fib documentation for the implementation

Furthermore, there is a documentation of the implementation generated by Doxygen :


The documentation of the Fib system is under the GNU Free Documentation License (GNU FDL)