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Comment element

The comment element is used to name and describe subobjects. Within it, in contrast to all other elements, strings can be used.

Syntax: $Obj = comment( Key , Value , Obj_1)$

Short syntax: $Obj = c( Key , Value , Obj_1)$

Description of the elements:

the key of the comment or description of $Obj_1$
the value of the comment or description of $Obj_1$
the subobject, for which the comment or description apply

The key $Key$ can be any string. It is advisable to choose one of the predefined keys from table 3 . In this way, all keys from the entire Fib object can be filtered or can be used for looking for a specific subobject.

The value $Value$ of a comment can be any string.

Table 3: Keys
Key description example
unknown unknown type of comment c( unknown, "Waka Waka", Obj )
autor autor of the subobject c( autor, "oesterholz", Obj )
autor::email email adress of the autor c( autor::email, "" , Obj )
autor::adress adress of the autor c( autor::adress, "Some City 123456;Main Street 13", Obj )
autor:: telephon telephone number of the autor c( autor::telephon, "012/345/6789", Obj )
creation::date creation date of the subobject c( creation::date, "2009/10/30", Obj )
creation::time creation time of the subobject c( creation::time, "15/57/32", Obj )
creation:: coordinate cratione position of the subobject as Geographic Coordinates c( creation::coordinate, "Lat = 47$^\circ$ 25$'$ N, Lon = 010$^\circ$ 59$'$ E", Obj )
creation:: location creation position of the multimedia object as a place name c( creation::location, "Platz der Republik 1, 10117 Berlin", Obj )
type type of the subobject c( type, "tree", Obj )
description description of the subobject c( description, "This is me while fishing", Obj )
name name of the subobject c( name, "Statue of Liberty", Obj )
copyright Copyright of the subobject c( copyright, "GPL3", Obj )
comment a general comment for the subobject c( comment, "please rework again", Obj )
link a link for the subobject (it can be accessed when you click on the object) c( link, "", Obj )
nextElement:: description A description for the next Fib element that the comment element contains. c( nextElement::description, "This element is used to generate copies.", Obj )
nextElement:: function A description of the function of the next Fib element, which is contained in the comment element. If the key is a name of a dimension direction, the next Fib element should be an area element, that defines a variable, through which the corresponding dimension direction is generated. If the key is for example "time", the defined variable of the contained area element can be set to generate the multimedia object for a specific time. Other possible key values: "scene" the area element iterates through the scenes of the multimedia object. With such identification, certain moments or scenes can be accessed quickly. c( nextElement::function, "time", Obj )

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Betti Österholz 2013-02-13