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List element

With the list element "list" several objects can be combined into one object. For that an execution order is determined, to ensure, in case of overlap of the subobjects, that always the same subobjects cover the same other subobjects, so that this don't change (because of the uniqueness of Fib objects).

Syntax: $Obj = list( Obj_1, \ldots, Obj_n)$

Short syntax: $Obj = l( Obj_1, \ldots, Obj_n )$

$Obj_i$ are the branches/ subobjects of the list object, with $i \in\{1, \ldots ,n\}$ and $n \geq 2$ (there have to be at least two subobjects in the list object). The subobject $Obj_i$ will be evalued before the subobject $Obj_{i+1}$, so $Obj_{i+1}$ will maybe overlap $Obj_{i}$.

Betti Österholz 2013-02-13