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For the description of the property element see section 9.3 on page [*] .

The name of the property element is property. It contains a property vector and a Fib object (its subobject).

The property vector has an attribute named type for the type of property. The type is always "property." followed by the name of the property, as listed in table 2 on page [*] .

An example for a property element:

   <vector type="property.colorGrayscale">
   ...<!-- Fib subobject -->

For the properties there are two special properties, that have influence on the decoding of the Fib object in the compressed format. These properties are "checksum" (see section 21.3.3 on page [*]) and "boundSize" (see section 21.3.3 on page [*]) . For the XML format they have no significance, but serve only to hold the information that they exists. The vector for the property "boundSize" has in this case $0$ vector elements.

Betti Österholz 2013-02-13