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For the description of the point element see section 9.2 on page [*] .

A normal point element has the name point. A point without a position vector ($point()$) has also the name point but contains no position vector. If the point is for the entire background ($point(())$: point in which the position vector has no elements), the name of the XML element is background.

Normal points included a position vector (see section 22.3.1). The number of vector elements is determined by the number of dimensions (see section 22.2.3 on page [*]) the number of possible values for each position vector element, is determined by the domain of the dimension (see section 22.2.3 on page [*]).

An example for a normal point:

   <vector type="position">

An example for a point with no impact respectively a point with no position vector:


An example for a point with an empty position vector for the entire background:


Betti Österholz 2013-02-13