The Fib multimedia system
Fib is a system for storing multimedia data (like images or films).
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fib::cVectorChecksum Class Reference

#include <cVectorChecksum.h>

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Public Member Functions

 cVectorChecksum (cFibElement *pDefiningElement=NULL)
 cVectorChecksum (const cVectorChecksum &vector, cFibElement *definingFibElement=NULL)
 cVectorChecksum (const TiXmlElement *pXmlElement, intFib &outStatus, list< cFibVariable * > &liDefinedVariables)
virtual cVectorChecksumcreateInstance (cFibElement *pDefiningElement=NULL) const
virtual bool setVariable (unsignedIntFib iNumberElement, cFibVariable *pVariable)
virtual cVectorChecksumoperator= (const cFibVector &vector)
- Public Member Functions inherited from fib::cVectorProperty
 cVectorProperty (unsignedIntFib uiPropertyType, cFibElement *pDefiningPropertyElement=NULL)
 cVectorProperty (const cVectorProperty &vector, cFibElement *pDefiningFibElement=NULL)
 cVectorProperty (unsignedIntFib uiPropertyType, unsignedIntFib iNumberOfElements, cFibElement *pDefiningPropertyElement=NULL)
 cVectorProperty (const TiXmlElement *pXmlElement, intFib &outStatus, list< cFibVariable * > &liDefinedVariables)
 cVectorProperty (cReadBits &iBitStream, intFib &outStatus, list< cFibVariable * > &liDefinedVariables, const cDomain *pInVectorDomain, const cDomain *pInDomainVariable, unsignedIntFib uiInPropertyType)
 cVectorProperty (const cTypeProperty &typeProperty)
virtual cVectorPropertycreateInstance (unsignedIntFib iNumberOfElements=2, cFibElement *definingPropertyElement=NULL) const
virtual cTypeElementgetElementType () const
virtual unsignedIntFib getPropertyType () const
bool isOverwritenVector (const cVectorProperty &vectorToCheck) const
bool isOverwriting () const
bool isEvalued () const
virtual string getVectorType () const
bool operator< (const cVectorProperty &vector) const
doubleFib distanceToProperty (const cVectorProperty &property) const
doubleFib distanceOfPropertyToNull () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from fib::cFibVector
virtual ~cFibVector ()
unsignedIntFib getNumberOfElements () const
virtual bool isVariable (unsignedIntFib iNumberElement) const
virtual bool isUsedVariable (const cFibVariable *variable) const
virtual set< cFibVariable * > getUsedVariables ()
virtual bool replaceVariable (cFibVariable *variableOld, cFibVariable *variableNew)
virtual doubleFib getValue (unsignedIntFib iNumberElement) const
virtual bool setValue (unsignedIntFib iNumberElement, doubleFib dValue)
virtual cFibVariablegetVariable (unsignedIntFib iNumberElement)
virtual cDomainVectorBasisgetDomain () const
virtual cDomainVectorBasisgetValueDomain () const
virtual cDomaingetDomain (unsignedIntFib iNumberElement) const
virtual cDomainVectorBasisgetStandardDomain () const
virtual cDomainSinglegetVariableDomain () const
cFibElementgetDefiningFibElement () const
virtual void setDefiningFibElement (cFibElement *fibElement=NULL, bool bCheckDomains=true)
virtual unsignedLongFib getCompressedSize () const
virtual unsignedLongFib getCompressedSize (const cDomainVectorBasis &valueVectorDomain, const cDomainSingle &variableDomain) const
virtual bool store (ostream &stream, char &cRestBits, unsigned char &uiRestBitPosition) const
virtual bool store (ostream &stream, char &cRestBits, unsigned char &uiRestBitPosition, const cDomainVectorBasis &valueVectorDomain, const cDomainSingle &variableDomain) const
virtual bool storeXml (ostream &stream) const
virtual bool equal (const cFibVector &vector) const
virtual bool operator== (const cFibVector &vector) const
bool operator!= (const cFibVector &vector) const
virtual bool operator< (const cFibVector &vector) const


class cRoot

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from fib::cVectorProperty
static bool lowerPropertyVector (const cVectorProperty &vector1, const cVectorProperty &vector2)
static doubleFib distanceOfProperty (const cVectorProperty &property1, const cVectorProperty &property2)
static doubleFib distanceOfPropertyToNull (const cVectorProperty &property)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from fib::cFibVector
static bool lowerVector (const cFibVector &vector1, const cFibVector &vector2)
- Protected Attributes inherited from fib::cVectorProperty
unsignedIntFib uiPropertyType
- Protected Attributes inherited from fib::cFibVector
vector< eVectorTypeliVectorType
vector< doubleFibliVectorValues
vector< cFibVariable * > liVectorVariable

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file cVectorChecksum.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fib::cVectorChecksum::cVectorChecksum ( cFibElement pDefiningElement = NULL)

The constructor of the checksum -property -vector.

pDefiningElementthe Fib -element which defines/ uses the checksum -property -vector
fib::cVectorChecksum::cVectorChecksum ( const cVectorChecksum vector,
cFibElement definingFibElement = NULL 

The copy constructor of the vector.

vectorthe vector from which to copy the data
definingFibElementthe Fib -element which defines/ uses the new vector
fib::cVectorChecksum::cVectorChecksum ( const TiXmlElement *  pXmlElement,
intFib outStatus,
list< cFibVariable * > &  liDefinedVariables 

The constructor for restoring a vector from an TinyXml element.

pXmlNodea pointer to the TinyXml node the vector is stored in
outStatusAn reference to an integervalue where the errorvalue can be stored to. possible errorvalues are:
  • 0 loading successful
  • -1 loading error, invalid pXmlElement
  • -2 loading error, invalid data in pXmlElement
  • 1 loading warning, invalid data in pXmlElement, error could be corrected
  • 2 loading warning, invalid data in pXmlElement, maybe the loaded object is wrong
liDefinedVariablesa list with the defined variables for the to restore vector, every variable should have it's number (the number under which it is stored) as it's value

Member Function Documentation

virtual cVectorChecksum* fib::cVectorChecksum::createInstance ( cFibElement pDefiningElement = NULL) const

This method creates an instance of this vector type.

pDefiningElementthe Fib -propertyelement which defines/ uses the propertyvector
virtual cVectorChecksum& fib::cVectorChecksum::operator= ( const cFibVector vector)

This Method makes this vectorelements equal to the correspondending vectorelements of the given vector. The type of the vector and the number of elements won't be changed.

vectorthe vector to copy

Reimplemented from fib::cVectorProperty.

virtual bool fib::cVectorChecksum::setVariable ( unsignedIntFib  iNumberElement,
cFibVariable pVariable 

Sets the variable of the iNumberElement'te vectorelement.

iNumberElementthe number of the element, where the variable is to set
pVariablethe variable to set
true if the iNumberElement'te vectorelement is set to the given variable pVariable, else false

Reimplemented from fib::cFibVector.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class cRoot

Definition at line 48 of file cVectorChecksum.h.

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