The Fib multimedia system
Fib is a system for storing multimedia data (like images or films).
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fibDatatyps.h File Reference
#include "version.h"
#include <cstdlib>
#include <vector>
#include <list>
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namespace  fib


#define REALLY_SMALL_DOUBLE_DIFFERENCE   0.0000000000001
#define intFib   int
#define longFib   long long
#define doubleFib   double
#define unsignedIntFib   unsigned int
#define unsignedLongFib   unsigned long long


template<class Type >
longFib fib::roundToLongFib (const Type &value)
template<class Type >
Type fib::max (const Type &value1, const Type &value2)
template<class Type >
std::list< Type >::iterator fib::getListElement (std::list< Type > &liList, unsigned long ulElementNumber)
template<class Type >
std::list< Type >::const_iterator fib::getListElement (const std::list< Type > &liList, unsigned long ulElementNumber)
unsigned int fib::getDigits (unsigned long long llValue)
void fib::decomposeDoubleFib (const doubleFib dNumber, longFib *lMantissa, longFib *lExponent, intFib *iSizeMantissa=NULL, intFib *iSizeExponent=NULL)
unsigned long fib::roundUpToFullByte (unsigned long ulNumberOfBits)
doubleFib fib::gcd (doubleFib dValue1, doubleFib dValue2)
float fib::absF (const float &dValue)
double fib::absF (const double &dValue)
bool fib::isEqualNull (const double &dValue)
bool fib::isEqualNull (const float &dValue)
bool fib::compareDouble (const double &dValue1, const double &dValue2)
bool fib::compareDouble (const float &dValue1, const float &dValue2)
template<class tDouble >
bool fib::compareVectorDouble (const std::vector< tDouble > &vector1, const std::vector< tDouble > &vector2)
template<class tDouble >
tDouble fib::add (const tDouble &dValue1, const tDouble &dValue2)
template<class tDouble >
tDouble fib::sub (const tDouble &dValue1, const tDouble &dValue2)
template<class tDouble >
tDouble fib::addToFirst (tDouble &dValue1, const tDouble &dValue2)
template<class tDouble >
tDouble fib::subFromFirst (tDouble &dValue1, const tDouble &dValue2)
template<class tDouble >
std::vector< tDouble > fib::addToFirst (std::vector< tDouble > &vecValue1, const std::vector< tDouble > &vecValue2)
template<class tDouble >
std::vector< tDouble > fib::multToFirst (std::vector< tDouble > &vecValue, const tDouble &dValue)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define doubleFib   double

Definition at line 65 of file fibDatatyps.h.

#define intFib   int

Definition at line 63 of file fibDatatyps.h.

#define longFib   long long

Definition at line 64 of file fibDatatyps.h.

#define REALLY_SMALL_DOUBLE_DIFFERENCE   0.0000000000001

Definition at line 58 of file fibDatatyps.h.


Definition at line 59 of file fibDatatyps.h.

#define unsignedIntFib   unsigned int

Definition at line 66 of file fibDatatyps.h.

#define unsignedLongFib   unsigned long long

Definition at line 67 of file fibDatatyps.h.