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Area element

For the description of the area element see section 9.6 on page [*] .

The name of the area XML element is area. The area XML element has an attribute defined_variable. The attribute defined_variable indicates, which variable is defined by the area element. It is a natural number for a variable, that is not used above the area element for another variable.

The area element also contains for each of its subareas a vector of the type subarea. Wherein the first subarea is the first XML element, then comes the second etc. .

After the subareas follows the XML element for the contained subobject.

An example for a area element:

<area defined_variable="1">
   <vector type=ßubarea">
   <vector type=ßubarea">
   ...<!-- Fib subobject -->

Betti Österholz 2013-02-13