The Fib multimedia system
Fib is a system for storing multimedia data (like images or films).
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nConvertFromFib Namespace Reference


fipImageconvertToFipImage (const cFibElement &fibMultimediaObject, unsigned long ulMaxEvaluationTimeInSec=0, int *pOutStatus=NULL, const char *pPathForFileToStoreImage=NULL)

Function Documentation

fipImage* nConvertFromFib::convertToFipImage ( const cFibElement fibMultimediaObject,
unsigned long  ulMaxEvaluationTimeInSec = 0,
int *  pOutStatus = NULL,
const char *  pPathForFileToStoreImage = NULL 

This function converts the given multimediaobject into a fib-object.

multimediaObjectthe fib -multimedaobject to convert into fib
ulMaxEvaluationTimeInSecthe maximal time for evaluation in seconds; if 0 the evalue time is unbound
pOutStatusthe output status of this method possible values are: 0: everthing is ok 1: the ulMaxEvaluationTimeInSec was reached, the object was not fully evalued -1: an error occurrd
pPathForFileToStoreImagea string to the path wher to store the actual picture, if the functionality for the file type exists, the current evalued picture data will be saved to the file every INTERVALL_TO_SAVE_CURRENT_PICTURE secounds
See also:
the created FreeImagePlus object (pleas delete it after usage) or NULL, if non could be created