The Fib multimedia system
Fib is a system for storing multimedia data (like images or films).
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fib::algorithms::nLinearEquation Namespace Reference


class  cLinearEquation


template<class tFactors >
vector< cLinearEquation
< tFactors > > & 
crateDiagonalForm (vector< cLinearEquation< tFactors > > &vecOfEquations)
template<class tFactors >
void printEquations (vector< cLinearEquation< tFactors > > vecOfInequations, ostream &outputStream)

Function Documentation

template<class tFactors >
vector< cLinearEquation<tFactors> >& fib::algorithms::nLinearEquation::crateDiagonalForm ( vector< cLinearEquation< tFactors > > &  vecOfEquations)

This functions converts the given vector of equation into a diagonal form. In this form ther exsists only one factor in the liniar formular (

See also:
cLinearEquation::vecFactors) in every equation. For the first n equation this factor is the n'th factor. For the remaining equation, this factor is the last factor. (n is the number of factors
cLinearEquation::vecFactors.size()) The convertion is done by multiplying equation with a number (
cLinearEquation::mult()) or adding two equation of the vector of equations (
vecOfEquationsa reference to the vector of equation, which to convert into the diagonal form (this is changed)
a pointer to the converted vector of equations
template<class tFactors >
void fib::algorithms::nLinearEquation::printEquations ( vector< cLinearEquation< tFactors > >  vecOfInequations,
ostream &  outputStream 

This function prints the given inequiations. It simply calls

See also:
cPolyConstrainFix::print() for all given inequiations.
vecOfInequationsa vector with the inequiations to output
outputStreama stream, wher to print the inequiations to