The Fib multimedia system
Fib is a system for storing multimedia data (like images or films).
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fib::algorithms::nConvertToFib::iConvertToFib Class Reference

#include <iConvertToFib.h>

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virtual cRootconvertToFib () const =0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 57 of file iConvertToFib.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual cRoot* fib::algorithms::nConvertToFib::iConvertToFib::convertToFib ( ) const
pure virtual

This method is for converting data to a Fib object.

a Fib-object which represents the data of this object Beware: You have to delete the returned Fib object after usage. Also the given root element will contain no domains, you have to create them if needed (eg. with cRoot::generateNeededDomains() ).

Implemented in fib::algorithms::nConvertToFib::nImage::nStructureData::cImageAreaSameColor.

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