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A solution

The Fib multimedia language, respectively Fib multimedia format, has be created, in which for the objects, transformations and relationships between the objects can be defined. Using these Fib multimedia format, an algorithm (e.g. the AI) then generates programs (in the multimedia language), tests and modifies them, so that they represent a multimedia object, wich are similar enough to encode the original multimedia object (what this means, will be specified). Further restrictions can be imposed on the programs, e.g. shortnes and speed of execution of a program. These criteria will then determine how "good" a program is.

Among others the genetic algorithms / programming offer good opportunities. Since with genetic algorithms the individual parameters, elements and constructs of the language are generated by mutation and adjusted, and the "best"/fittest -programs will be developed. With "crossing over", sharing code between programs or part of a program can be taken into account, this supports the case when, may be altered (e.g. scaled), objects will be reused in other places.

Betti Österholz 2013-02-13