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External subobject

For the description of the external subobject element see section 9.10 on page [*] .

The XML element for an external subobject has the name subobject. It has an attribute named number, which indicates the number of external subobject, which is to be used for it. Furthermore the subobject XML element contains an XML element for its output variables.

The corresponding XML element for the output values is a vector (see section 22.3.1 on page [*]) with the type externSubobject (<vector type= "externSubobject">), it contains the output values.

An example for a external subobject element:

<subobject number="6">
   <vector type="externSubobject">

An example for a external subobject element with the optional attribute number:

<subobject number="2">
   <vector type="externSubobject">
      <variable number="1">2</variable>
      <value number="2">3.7</value>
      <variable number="3">5</variable>

Betti Österholz 2013-02-13